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Focus intelligent Travel, The aspect tourism industry

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With attitude of the Chinese tourism industry media

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KANLV MEDIA was founded in 2014, It is a collection of news media, Social economy, Eectronic periodicals,Advertising planning, Consulting, Marketing in a body specialized media operating company.

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It contains tourism industry news source platform,original content platform and a full range of integrated activities Tourism platform, electronic magazines and travel vertical travel industry recruitment platform, to provide timely, personalized information to users of tourism, but also for tourism practitioners provide new business services.

Tourism industry

the establishment of China's tourism industry research center, to contribute to the development of the industry.

Exchange Center

to build the industry's internal and external exchanges and interaction platform, promote and lead the development of the industry

Spread platform

build a tourism enterprise brand communication platform to help enterprises to use the Internet to get more trading opportunities.


KANLV MEDIA has created a as the core of the three-dimensional communication channels, including Weibo, WeChat, media alliance, activities, forums, etc., has become a tourist enterprise brand communication position and breakthrough.


open screen advertising (App), graphic recommended (soft paper), links (hard-wide), search ranking (station), video streaming ads, etc.

Brand planning

The use of professional brand marketing experience to help companies through the "wisdom and creativity", in a more rapid and more economic way to open the market

Executive Search

We can provide recruitment services for the enterprise, we have a complete job posting, brand exposure, communications and other search services.

Precision Marketing

KANLV MEDIA for the enterprise to save marketing costs as the core, take full advantage of the large data track, the marketing information to the target audience to be accurate.

Enterprise Solutions

Providing market research, information systems research, put forward directional recommendation to develop strategies and tactics, actions and provide training and guidance to help control services, etc.

News source

We are one of the network information seed source, with Baidu, Google included fast, a large number of reproduced and other features, is one of the best ways to enhance corporate excellence brand.


We are a team with rich experience of sharp knives team, not only has long been engaged in tourism marketing planning a career counselor, and long term for the well-known tourism enterprises to provide market analysis of the analyst, etc...We are committed to professional talent team to do a more professional things!

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Welcome all kinds of media, tourism service providers, scenic spots, tourism and other contact us, in all kinds of text, pictures, audio and video information and other aspects of the establishment of long-term cooperation.

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